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Some good security tips here in the Daily Telegraph’s 4th article on this topic:  Beware of the cyber muggers – your guide to online security |


What’s your long weekend tech project? Often we put things like tech housekeeping off for too long – usually because we don’t have the time to fit them in to our already busy weekends. Well, with 4 free days ahead…


Hi,   It’s me again!   Please let me know if you are aware of any new wireless capable routers your ISP may be providing – I’ll get right on to getting the security How-To document up on the site,…


Not sure if this will come to Australia, but looks good!  Check this article out: Cisco Teams With Carriers on Next Generation WiFi Hotspots – Forbes The interesting thing I gleaned from this article is that although Cisco and…


Like it or not, NBN is coming!  Get ready for new monopolies, but very fast connections! NBN rollout close as regulator removes Telstra hurdle.  Read more of the article here: