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HTC have just released some sexy new single, Dual, and Quad Core phones… Check them out in this review:


I’m not really an Apple fan, and the iPad 3 looks underwhelming from reports so far…   Have a look at this article from SMH.  There isn’t any information on network security for the device though, but I expect it…


We do lead quite a sheltered life in Australia – our government is nothing like that which some other counbtries experience, all in the name of “security”… This article has some more information on what to expect when you take…


A pending legal case in the US could hold YOU liable for what happens on your unsecured WiFi.  A company is alleging that negligently leaving your home wireless network open and unsecured could lead to you being responsible for its…


I love my portable wifi, with my phone sharing it’s 3G internet to my tablet on the train – very useful on the way to work, and easy to secure as well!