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A great article regarding the security of your mobile/portable devices (including your smartphones) from SMH today: This article not only talks about the physical security of your devices, but also the security regarding access to your personal information,…


It took Whitman just 9 seconds to find Koeppen’s information on the open network. Seven minutes later, he was in Koeppen’s Facebook account posting messages For the details, read this article from CBS News:


Looks like McAfee are putting out an app VERY similar to the Lookout app for wifi security – See here for more details: However, the McAfee app is approx $30, while the Lookout equivalent is free. Both Apps seem to…


Great article in Security Week – Particularly about rogue access points in areas which offer free wifi… Some hackers setup a rogue wifi access point in these sites in order to gather your information, etc…


A great article in Network World: